Cape Cod

The Power of Beauty
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Product Description

Cape Cod has been designed to satisfy the most sophisticated awning demand for classical lateral arm features and advanced technology combined. The result is a compact cassette protecting its fabric when totally retracted with no need for winter storage.

Finished in three standard colors, white, cream, and brown or in any color on demand, Cape Cod dresses perfectly with the selection of any fabric, and offers an elegant design to enhance the beauty of any house.

Ideal to protect its fabric when totally retracted, Cape Cod seals within its glossy and elegant shell leaving an attractive sleek frame a few inches from the wall.

When fully open, Cape Cod extends its shade to any outdoor area on command and protects you and your family from the direct effects of UV sun rays.

Cape Cod can be identified among those retractable awnings generally labeled as “cassette awnings”. Its main function is to offer extra protection to its fabric when completely retracted and provide extra winter storage during off-season.

Cape Cod’s cassette is made like a shell by two halves a top and a bottom part, with a maximum width of 23’, while its 14’ maximum arm projection is today the largest available on the market in the cassettes lateral arm category.

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Product Features
Durable. Engineered to satisfy the most stringent mechanical requirements, its arms are tested to last twice the expected life span commonly referred to by the industry and the cables in its arms are protected by UV resistant coating to increase their endurance.
Beautiful. Cape Cod's slick design can been perceived to enhance the value of any home. With the extensive variety of colors offered today by hundreds of vivid fabrics, Cape Cod's unique cassette style is a beautiful addition to any backyard.
Elegant. The modern look of Cape Cod's cassette is meant to offer a contemporary response to today’s sophisticated market demand. By blending with the modern and yet elegant design of many of today’s graceful outdoor settings, it is easy to appreciate the ambiance created by Cape Cod generous size and uncommon strength.
Dependable. Built only with the finest materials and finished with electrostatic powder coating epoxy, Cape Cod assures the most durable and yet elegant awning product. Like all Alutex awnings, Cape Cod is covered by a ten-year warranty.
Technical Specifications
Width Range 7’ to 23’ (1/8” increment)
Projection Range 4’3”,5’4”,6’11”,8’7”,10’2”,12’,13”, 14”
Side dimension w/Hood N/A
Side size w/out Hood 9” H x 9” W
Hood N/A
Hood Shape N/A
Control Manual Gear or Motorized
Installation Option Wall, Soffit, Roof Mounted
Bracket Size 5 1/2” H x 2 3/8” W x 4 3/4”
Standard Pitch Control Bolt Lock System
Crank Pitch Control Yes (Optional) only up to 12'
Drop Down Valance Yes (Optional)
Fabric Options Over 300 acrylic patterns
Leg Kit Optional
Standard Frame Color White, Brown, Cream
Custom Frame Color Any RAL color (on request)
Frame Warranty 10 Years



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Product Highlights

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Cape Cod’s elegant design blends with any siding enhancing the outdoor space of your house.

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Cape Cod is supplied with stainless steel hardware to guaranty the best performance of its parts even under the most stringent weather conditions.

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The high quality electrostatic coating of all its parts are among the features that make Cape Cod an excellent shading system for any outdoor leaving space.

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Cape Cod’s “cassette” design offers an encased solution to protect its fully retracted fabric and provides the perfect self-storage opportunity during off-season.

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Like all the other Alutex lateral arm systems, Cape Cod offers the same versatility either for wall, soffit or roof installation.

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With the use of extra heavy-duty arms, Cape Cod is today the cassette awning with the largest projection in its class able to reach out up to 14’.

CAUTIONARY AND IMPORTANT OPERATING INFORMATION: Retractable Awnings contain strong springs under tension. Retractable awnings are specifically designed to be retracted under inclement weather conditions and be used primarily for sun protection. They are not designed to withstand high winds, heavy rain or snow. During those times, awnings must be fully retracted to prevent damages not covered by warranty.